馬場哲晃(BABA Tetsuaki), 博士(芸術工学)
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1979年長野県中野市生まれ. 九州芸術工科大学,九州大学にて芸術工学を専攻.現在は公立大学法人首都大学東京システムデザイン学部/研究科インダストリアルアートコース/学域准教授.芸術,エンタテインメント,教育,デザインに関してインタラクションを軸にした研究をしています. 専門はインタラクティブアート及びインタラクションデザイン. 情報処理学会,ACM各会員.

Tetsuaki BABA, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Division of Indutrial Art, Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University
His research focuses on Interaction Design and Media Art. His works and researches, such as musical instruments, experimental devices,gadgets, educational materials and so on, are located in the area of fusion of product design and media art. He received Ph.D. degrees in art and technology from Kyushu University, Japan, in 2009. He is an associate professor at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan. One of his work “Freqtric Drums” is a device that turns users into musical instruments so that users can not only play the instruments but also communicate with the others by touching each other. Through digital technology, Freqtric Drums allows participants to simultaneously enjoy music and skin contact communication and is corrected by art/science centre all over the world as a permanent correction. He is the member of ACM, IPSJ, ADADA, VRSJ.

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